RWWP CRP Program Seed

Custom Native Grass Blends

Real World Wildlife Products custom blends thousands of pounds of custom native grass and forb/pollinator blends each year. These custom blends are primarily for CRP projects and customers who have a special mix they prefer.
Note – At the customer’s request we can use the same “varieties” of grasses in these custom blends that we use in our Bedding-In-A-Bag blend. For example, if you have a custom CRP mix that calls for Big Bluestem and Indian Grass, we can mix your blend using the very same varieties of these species as we use in our Bedding in a Bag mix. This allows you to plant a seed blend approved by your local NRCS office and yet utilize the same varieties as we use in our specialized blends.
Give us a chance to quote your CRP seed blend. For a quote on special blends, please email us the details of your seed blend and indicate any special instructions. We will figure the price of the special mix as quickly as possible and email you a price quote.


For product information and pricing, please call (248) 705-5836 or (810) 292-4559.