Real World Soil Charge Soil Builder Blend


40 lb. bag covers 1/2 acre of land.


RWWP Soil Charge was developed after numerous requests from our customers for a soil-builder blend. Soil Charge was designed to be planted as early in the spring as possible to get ahead of weed competition and to build up the soil. Soil Charge is the perfect seed blend to plant ahead of fall-planted blends like Deadly Dozen, Dixie Dozen, Harvest Salad and Plot Topper.  Planting rate should be at least 40lbs per 1/2 acre to suppress weeds through the spring and early summer.
Soil Charge contains a blend of specific varieties of Barley, Red Clover, Rape Seed, and Peas.
Soil Charge does 3 important things in your plots –
  1. It serves as a weed suppressor in your plot as you wait for the proper planting time for fall-planted seed blends.
  1. It adds important nutrients to your plots such as nitrogen and organic matter.
  1. It provides a food source for deer and other wildlife during the spring and summer months, getting them accustomed to feeding in your plots ahead of planting your fall seed blends.
To plant Soil Charge, work the ground, broadcast the seed and then drag or cultipack the seed to achieve good soil contact. As an alternative, Soil Charge can be frost-seeded by simply broadcasting the seed onto the ground 30 days prior to spring warm up as long as the seed can make good contact with bare soil. A couple of weeks before planting your fall seed blend into the plot, spray the Soil-Charge plot with glyphosate to kill all the vegetation. You can then either no-till drill the fall blend into the plot of work the soil and broadcast the fall blend.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 6 in