Dr. Aaron Gaines, Ph.D.

Biography for Dr. Aaron Gaines

Dr. Aaron Gaines is a nutritionist for Real World Wildlife Products and been in the animal nutrition industry for nearly 20 years.   Dr. Gaines completed his Bachelors in Agriculture, Masters in Animal Science, and Doctorate in Animal Science degrees at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

In 2012 Dr. Gaines co-founded a company called Hunters Pursuit.  The creation of Hunters Pursuit was an outcome of Dr. Gaines’ lifelong passion for deer hunting and levering his scientific training as an animal nutritionist to develop high quality products for hunters wanting to grow and attract big deer.    To support further development of products aimed at improving deer herd health Hunters Pursuit brought on two additional animal nutritionists in 2016.

A key development in 2016 for Hunters Pursuit was the establishment of an exclusive partnership with Real World Wildlife Products.   Today, Dr. Gaines and two other nutritionists are part of the Real World Wildlife Products team and focused on the continued development and delivery of high quality nutrition products for the hunting industry.

Dr. Gaines lives in Shelbina, Missouri with his wife Selena and their two daughters, Kaylee and Hannah.