RTP Goliath

RTP Outdoors’ Goliath Crimper Roller is the perfect tool for wildlife managers wanting to mechanical kill or terminate cover crops without the use of expensive chemicals.  Using the Goliath will preserve soil moisture, prevent weed growth and the terminated cover crop adds a layer of organic, slow release fertilizer at the surface of the soil where new crops can absorb the nutrients.

The Goliath Crimper Roller can be mounted on the front or rear of your tractor, and using the weight of the machine, rolls over the cover crop, pressing it down, while the fins will crimp the cover crop plant in multiple places.  This effectively cuts off the circulatory system of the plant, causing it to die.  The Goliath also lays the cover crop down flat on the ground, acting as a ‘weed protection mat’ and preventing sunlight from drying the soil.  When the Goliath Crimper Roller is used in addition to the Genesis No Till Food Plot Drill, wildlife managers can plant into their crimped and rolled cover crop, saving time, fuel, soil compaction is minimal and ultimately have enhanced soil.

  • Manage cover crops without chemicals, sprays or disking/tilling ground.

  • Reduce the need for herbicides in traditional no till food plots.

  • Boost the mulching aspects of cover crops.

  • Maximize weed suppression by rolling cover crops.

  • Preserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation.

  • More efficient way to incorporate cover crop nutrients into the top layer of soil.

  • Ground driven and designed to prevent vibrations and bouncing.

  • Can be mounted on rear of tractor or front & a Genesis No Till Food Plot Drill mounted to the rear, allows for one pass planting!

  • Goliath Crimper Roller comes in 3 models: 6ft, 8ft, & 10ft.