Banks Stump 3 (Vision) Hunting Blind

The Stump 3 is now only available with Vision windows. This deer hunting tower blind is equipped with the same vertical window design and same door system as our Stump 4. Like others in the series, it has a 360-degree view with floor-to-ceiling windows on every side of the blind.


  • No bench seat & full-size door allows for more open space.
  • 360-degree view allows for excellent visibility in all directions.
  • Round design makes it a perfect hunting blind for bowhunters.
  • Extremely durable, UV stabilized polyethylene construction.
  • Paintable, bark-like texture. Weather resistant. Will not rot.
  • Windows open silently, seal tight and keep scent contained.
  • Rigid heavy-duty steel-plate base for easy, secure mounting.
  • Includes gun shelf and vent kit.


Model No:  ST3WWLW
Material:  Polyethylene
Weight:  325 lbs.
Dimensions:  64″ diameter
Inside Height:  80″
Door Opening: 26″ W x 54″ H
Window size:  14″ x 22″ and 9.5″ x 45″